Welcome to Messiah

Messiah Lutheran Church is a community of believers who have a love for the Word of God, a strong desire to live out our faith in Christ individually and collectively, and a deep appreciation for the historical dimensions of the Church, especially the beautiful heritage handed down through the Lutheran Reformation of the 16th century.  We do not cater to the popular culture, which by its very nature is transitory, unstable, and ultimately unsatisfying, but to the bedrock issues which transcend all cultures – truth and the lie, sin and grace, God and Satan, this age and the age to come.  We do not believe the Church is sent to make people good through rules and regulations, but to bestow spiritual life through the unconditional forgiveness of sins won for all people by Jesus Christ on the cross.  We do not focus upon the stimulation of emotion as the sign of God’s presence or the seat of faith, but upon the living and unchanging Word of God which alone creates and sustains true faith in Christ even in the darkest hours of life. We do not believe that worship is a proper time to separate the family (children’s church), but to bring the family together to hear the Word and to sing the praises of God with angels, archangels and all the company of heaven. We are not ashamed to be called “church” or to look like “church” because we honor those faithful men and women who confessed the Gospel and transmitted the faith through the centuries to us, and because Christ has united us with them in baptism.  We are not trying to build castles in the sand, but to be an instrument of God’s grace to build houses on the Rock which is Christ.

We believe that training up and preparing the next generation of Christians to face the challenges of the future is a high priority for the Church today.  We have invested heavily in educational institutions to that end.  Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy (MLCA) is a Lutheran school that uses the ancient and proven classical curriculum to educate children from two years old through eighth grades, with hopes of adding a high school in the future. We also offer Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, and youth programs in our Church. 

Messiah strives to be a stable rock in the midst of a raging sea of change.  We believe that the transforming love of Christ is the power of the Christian life, and His Word is the light which leads us safely through this world to our heavenly home.  We welcome you to journey with us as we follow the voice of the Good Shepherd.