The Messiah Lutheran Activity Center, located on Hwy. 377 down the hill from the main building, houses our Braille Center, set up under the auspices of Lutheran Braille Workers.   In this center, with simple tools and willing volunteers of almost any age, books of the Bible are printed in different languages - in Braille.  These Bible books are shipped all over the world to help fulfill Lutheran Braille Workers' mission "to provide the message of salvation, through faith in Jesus Christ, to individuals who are blind or visually impaired throughout the world."

Stacks of metal printing plates and paper are assembled and run through the press, which imprints the Braille letters on  both sides of the paper.  Following the press, the pages are bound with a comb binder, then readied for packing.  Everyone on a Braille team has a specific job to make sure the Bibles are printed and assembled correctly.

Our Braille Workshop members and others have been busy printing Bibles since the center opened in the spring of 2010.  Several workshops are held during the week, and you are welcome to join one of them.  Dates and times are posted on the calendar.  For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact