Monthly Newsletter


March 2019:
Echoes From the Past, 7: The Choice— by Pastor Huebel     
Lenten Fasting (Lutheran Style) Pastor Chryst

February 2019:
Echoes From the Past, 6: Equipping Children For the Challenges of the 21st Century— by Pastor Huebel     
Church and Politics Pastor Chryst

January 2019:
Echoes From the Past, 5: God's Wonderful Works— by Pastor Huebel     
Rubrics at the Communion Rail Pastor Chryst

December 2018:
Echoes From the Past, 4: Glad Tidings From Heaven— by Pastor Huebel     
Christian Symbols at Christmas Pastor Chryst

November 2018:
Echoes From the Past, 3: Good News For Sinners— by Pastor Huebel     
Forget Not All His Benefits Pastor Chryst

October 2018:
Echoes From the Past: Not Ashamed of the Gospel — by Pastor Huebel     
Checkmate, Charles V    Pastor Chryst

September 2018:
Echoes From the Past: I Will Tell of the Kindness of the Lord — by Pastor Huebel     
A Christian View of Animal Life    Pastor Chryst

August 2018:
Is Interpretation Possible? — by Pastor Huebel     
Christian Parenting in the Internet Age   Pastor Chryst

July 2018:
Are You a Wise Steward? — by Pastor Huebel     
Christian Marriage   Pastor Chryst

May  2018:
The Homestretch — by Pastor Huebel     
A Little Leaven   Pastor Chryst

April 2018:
What is Christian Stewardship? — by Pastor Huebel     
Out of the Mouths of Babes    Pastor Chryst

March 2018:
Crucifix or Cross? — by Pastor Huebel     
The Discerning Church in a Meme World    Pastor Chryst

February 2018:
Suffering With Jesus — by Pastor Huebel     
On Lutheran Schools    Pastor Chryst

January 2018:
Middle of the Road: Is That a Bad Thing? — by Pastor Huebel     
10 Christian Resolutions for 2018    Pastor Chryst

December 2017:
Preparing for the End — by Pastor Huebel     
“Trust but Verify” and “Answering Objections”    Pastor Chryst

November 2017:
Lutherans and Saints — by Pastor Huebel    
"Pray, Pay, and Obey?"    Pastor Chryst

October 2017:
Reformation Histroy #11: Luther's Seal — by Pastor Huebel  
Thoughts on Church Membership - Grief    Pastor Chryst

September 2017:
Reformation Histroy #10: The Smalcald Articles — by Pastor Huebel  
In Response to Disaster    Pastor Chryst

August 2017:
Reformation Histroy #9: Sola, Sola, Sola — by Pastor Huebel  
Roles and Goals for the Church - Grow in Every Way    Pastor Chryst

June/July 2017:
Reformation Histroy #8: The Cardinal Doctrine — by Pastor Huebel  
Roles and Goals for the Church - Speaking Truth in Love    Pastor Chryst

May 2017:
Reformation Histroy #7: Augsburg — by Pastor Huebel  
Roles and Goals for the Church - Mature Manhood    Pastor Chryst

April 2017:
Reformation Histroy #6: Wartburg Castle  — by Pastor Huebel  
Roles and Goals for the Church - Knowledge of the Son of God    Pastor Chryst

March 2017:
Reformation Histroy #5: Worms  — by Pastor Huebel  
Roles and Goals for the Church - Unity of Faith    Pastor Chryst

February 2017:
Reformation Histroy #4: The Papacy  — by Pastor Huebel  
Roles and Goals for the Church - Different Gifts and Roles    Pastor Chryst

January 2017:
Reformation Histroy #3: Gutenberg  — by Pastor Huebel  
Reaching Out to the... Absent?    Pastor Chryst

December 2016:
Reformation Histroy #2: 95 Theses  — by Pastor Huebel  
Maranatha —Pastor Chryst

November 2016:
Reformation Histroy #1: Indulgences  — by Pastor Huebel  
Who Can Discern His Errors?   Psalm 19:12   Pastor Chryst

October 2016:
Old Testament: An Insult to Jews?  — by Pastor Huebel  
Worship and "Good Order" - Pastor Chryst

September 2016:  
Christian Certainty  — by Pastor Huebel  
Toward a Christian View of "Race" - Pastor Chryst

July/August 2016:  
The Church of Tomorrow  — by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian: Soli Deo Gloria - Pastor Chryst

June 2016:  
Memorial Day Reflections  — by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian: Oratio, meditatio, tentatio - Pastor Chryst

May 2016:  
A Life Well Lived  — by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian: Quia and quatenus - Pastor Chryst

April 2016:  
Does the Resurrection of Jesus Make a Difference Today?  — by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian: Ex opere operato - Pastor Chryst

March 2016:  
The Vicarious Atonement — by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Fides Qua and Fides Quae -Pastor Chryst

February 2016:  
Suffering for Righteousness' Sake — by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Sola Gratia -Pastor Chryst

January 2016:  
We Beheld His Glory — by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Sola Fide -Pastor Chryst

December 2015:  
Can the Gospel Survive in This Crazy World?— by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Sola Scriptura -Pastor Chryst

November 2015:  
All the Company of Heaven— by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Ex mihilo -Pastor Chryst

October 2015:  
Love Wins— by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Simul justus et peccator -Pastor Chryst

September 2015:  
Bringing Up Children in the Discipline and Instruction of the Lord— by Pastor Huebel  
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi -Pastor Chryst

July/August 2015:  
Christians and the Cultural Revolution - Pastor Huebel
A Brief Latin Glossary for the Armchair Theologian:  Lex Semper Accusat - Pastor Chryst

June 2015: 
Fear Not - Pastor Huebel
What to Expect From Your New Pastor - Pastor Chryst

May 2015:  A New Era of Pastoral Ministry - Pastor Huebel

April 2015:  An Appointment We Cannot and Should Not Ignore - Pastor Huebel

March 2015:  The Suffering Servant - Pastor Huebel

February 2015:  Unless You Repent - Pastor Huebel

January 2015: The False Confidence of the Proud - Pastor Huebel

December 2014: We Beheld His Glory - Pastor Huebel

November 2014: The Curse of Ingratitude - Pastor Huebel

October 2014: The Cleansing of the Temple - Pastor Huebel

September 2014: Is the Bible Still Relevant? - Pastor Huebel

July/August 2014: The Rise of Secular Orthodoxy - Pastor Huebel

May/June 2014:  For the Want of a Nail- Pastor Huebel

April 2014: How Do We Know That Christianity is the True Religion?- Pastor Huebel

March 2014: Our Debt Was Paid - Pastor Huebel

February 2014: Preparing the Next Generation - Pastor Huebel

January 2014: On Calling a Pastor - Pastor Huebel

November 2013: In the Presence of Our Posterity - Pastor Huebel

October 2013: The Ten Commandments: Conclusions - Pastor Huebel

September 2013: The Ninth and Tenth Commandments - Pastor Huebel

August 2013: The Eighth Commandment - Pastor Huebel

July 2013: The Seventh Commandment - Pastor Huebel

May 2013: The Sixth Commandment, Part 2 - Pastor Huebel

April 2013:  Easter and the Ten Commandments - Pastor Huebel

March 2013:  The Sixth Commandment, Part I - Pastor Huebel

February 2013: The Fifth Commandment - Pastor Huebel

January 2013: The Fourth Commandment - Pastor Huebel

December 2012: Christmas and the Ten Commandments - Pastor Huebel

November 2012: The Third Commandment - Pastor Huebel

October 2012: The Second Commandment - Pastor Huebel

September 2012: The First Commandment - Pastor Huebel

July/August 2012:  The Ten Commandments - Pastor Huebel

June 2012:  Confessing the Faith - Pastor Huebel

May 2012: On Making Commitments - Pastor Huebel

April 2012:  Is the Resurrection Still Relevant? - Pastor Huebel

March 2012: Confessing the Truth - Pastor Huebel

February 2012:  Sin and Biology? - Pastor Huebel

January 2012:  Judge Not - Pastor Huebel

December 2011:  The Invasion of Peace - Pastor Huebel

November 2011: The Freedom of a Christian - Pastor Huebel

October 2011:  God's Word Is Our Great Heritage - Pastor Huebel

September 2011:  Things I've Learned - Pastor Huebel

August 2011: What's in the Devil's Crosshairs? - Pastor Huebel

July 2011: Abiding in Christ's Word

June 2011:  The Augsburg Confession

May 2011:  God's Wrath on the Wrongdoer - Pastor Huebel

April 2011: Dying and Rising With Christ

March 2011:  Repentance - Pastor Huebel

February 2011:  Every Decision is a Stewardship Decision - Pastor Huebel

January 2011:  A Week in Uganda

December 2010:  The Light Shines in Darkness - Pastor Huebel

November 2010:  What's Different? - Pastor Huebel

October 2010:  From Generation to Generation

September 2010:  Finding the Right Spouse


A note about our newsletter, from the December 2012 issue:

An Unusual Newsletter

Most church newsletters are like city newsletters – they announce upcoming events or describe past activities with a few pictures and words.  Nothing wrong with that! We have attempted to include news and reports also in our newsletter.  We especially appreciate the work of Stephanie Gutierrez who introduces a new family in almost every issue of this publication, and Sangwah Park who served last year as the official youth group reporter.  We urge all our Board and committee chairmen to continue submitting news articles to us because we want the whole congregation to be informed on all aspects of our ministry. 

At Messiah we have also been blessed with a large number of thoughtful and articulate writers.  We have appreciated the insightful theological articles of Paul Kohlmeier since he served as Elder Chairman several years ago.  Stephen Inglehart has two Masters’ degrees from our St. Louis seminary and has been writing articles for the newsletter since he served on the School Board.  Stephen now teaches our third grade class at MLCA.  Most recently Wayne Allensworth has contributed articles for this newsletter.  Wayne is an analyst who monitors the Russian media for our government.  He has also authored a book on the subject.  We have several other very informed and competent writers who have not yet submitted articles, but may do so in the future.  In some months the Messiah Messenger looks more like a mini theological journal than a church newsletter.  That wasn’t planned.  It just happened.

The nature of our little church newsletter makes it a bit controversial sometimes.  That’s what happens when Christians analyze and evaluate a rapidly changing culture from the perspective of Biblical and theological presuppositions.  Christians do not always arrive at the same conclusions or agree on the specific solutions to the challenges and problems we face.  We must not disagree on the basic morals clearly defined in the Ten Commandments, but we may legitimately and even vehemently disagree on various aspects of the Church’s or government’s response to the problems in society.  That same kind of disagreement may surface through some of the articles in the Messenger.  I don’t think that is a bad thing.  The changes we face today REQUIRE deep reflection and prayer on the part of Christians. 

Some people believe that the Church is wise to just conform to the changes we face rather than to risk becoming irrelevant.  The Lord, however, calls His people to test and evaluate changes against the standard of His Word.  That can be a long and difficult process that includes prayer, study, meditation, and discussion within the body.  The writers in this newsletter (including me) must remain open to all reasonable questions, responses, and criticisms of fellow members.  Members are strongly encouraged to address their questions, responses, or criticisms directly to the writers. 

Civil and respectful discussion is a lost art in our culture, but it must remain the norm in the body of Christ.  Whether we like it or not change is upon us.  Rather than react emotionally (a natural response to any change), we need to THINK IT THROUGH ….. and we need to do that TOGETHER. 

Let’s talk.

—Pastor Huebel